Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Activities Worksheet for Negotiation

Here's another useful resource for pre-scene negotiation. A huge list of kink activities, which was compiled based on material from a kink workshop. It's a nice complementary resource to the negotiation checklist I posted before - which talks a lot about setting up a scene, but doesn't get into much detail on kinky activities.

Me and my partner really like using lists like this. When we were finding our feet, it helped us work out what we wanted to try, and where our interests overlapped. We still go through an activities list every so often: it's interesting to keep track of how we've changed over the years, and it often prompts us to discuss aspects of kink that we might not have otherwise. Which can be fun. And sexy.

It's ordered alphabetically. Why not by category? Firstly, because categories like "D/s" or "sensation play" can be quite subjective. Secondly, to make you think carefully about every option in turn.

Here's a link to the spreadsheet.

Have fun.

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